•Custom Framing

◦Large selection of wood and metal frames

◦Mini Frames 1.5 x 1.5 and Extra Extra Large

◦Custom Cut Mats

◦Custom Cut Glass

◦Custom cut mirrors

◦Specialty cuts available (in all listed sub-straits)

◦Artist embellishing on mats,mirrors and/or glass
•Custom Built Frames

◦Frames for Televisions

◦Frames for Computer monitors

◦Frames for wall mounted bathroom mirrors

◦Custom built irregular and geometrical shaped including inner and outer corner frames
•Custom Boxes

◦Shadow boxes

◦Open front, framed boxes (jewelry, guitars, etc.)
•Large selection of art on display

◦Water Colors


◦Digital Art


◦Mixed media




•Canvas Stretching

•Repairing broken frames

•Restoring broken frames

•Restoring damaged art

•Cleaning art

•Dry mounting: Foam or gator board